Immersive experience into the designer’s atelier.

Lacoste celebrates 85 years of existence with a Virtual Reality experience immersing users into the designer’s atelier.

The experience

The Lacoste VR experience created by Emissive offers a unique and innovative brand experience. For the 85th anniversary of the brand, the objectives of the experience were: learn about René Lacoste, his life, his passion for sports, his inventions, engage the user with the brand through golf & tennis mini-games and create user engagement around the brand values.

When equipped with his Virtual Reality headset, the user is transported into René Lacoste’s parisian atelier where he will be able to interact with several objects. 

From Paris to the world

The experience was first presented at Roland Garros in Paris since the brand has strong connections with tennis. Afterwards, it was presented in several Klepierre shopping malls in France where there were Lacoste shops closeby. A drive-to-store operation was set up in order to encourage customers to go visit the shop after having done the VR experience. The year after, the VR experience was proposed in international airports in Asia as a pre-flight entertainment for travellers to feel the very essence of the Lacoste brand: the perfect combination of sports and French elegance.

Immersion within the brand

Customers’ expectations in terms of retail have changed. Today customers seek experiences, surprises, inspiration and entertainment. Immersive technology presents a unique opportunity to provide genuine immersion within the brand’s universe and maximize customer engagement. Through the Lacoste VR experience, customers were immerged in René Lacoste’s creative spirit and timeless elegance.