Emissive develops « The Enemy », a unique VR experience designed for 20 users, currently exhibited at the MIT Museum in Boston after being showcased for the first time at IMA in Paris.

Imagined by the journalist Karim Ben Khelifa, The Enemy offers the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of fighters from 3 long-standing conflicts across the globe. A powerful and thought-provoking 50 minute-experience with a personalized scenario for each visitor.

The Enemy won the Rose d’Or 2017 for best VR experience!



Visitors are equipped with a backpack and a VR headset after having filled a short survey on a tablet. The experience starts with an introduction followed by 3 rooms in which we find the fighters and information on the conflicts. The epilogue room closes the experience.

The order in which the visitor sees the conflicts is determined by the answers he has given in the survey. Additionally, the message delivered in the last room depends on his behavior, analyzed in real-time throughout the experience.

Emissive set up a flow management system in order to control the time spent in immersion.

Warehouse-scale’ multiuser VR

In The Enemy, the users are free to walk around a huge physical space (+2,000 square feet). The virtual world corresponds to the physical one, ensuring an absolute freedom of movement.

All 20 users are represented by an avatar, everyone can see each other.

As for the equipment, each visitor is given an Oculus Rift, a MSI VR One backpack and are tracked by an Optitrack system.

Another application developed by Emissive is dedicated to user and equipment management.

Immersion and realism

One of the biggest challenge was to give the illusion to meet real fighters. Emissive therefore put a big emphasis on visual realism. 3D artists and animators made sure to reproduce them as precisely as possible so that visitors truly have the sensation to be in front of real human beings.

Virtual fighters’ behavior is also deeply elaborate. If the visitor moves, walks around or gets closer, the fighter will change his attitude accordingly and will lock eyes with him.

Behavior analysis

In collaboration with the MIT, Emissive integrated a user-behavior analysis within The Enemy. This system analyzes in real-time the movement, the position and the attitude of each visitor when he meets the fighters. It delivers, at the end, a powerful and personalized conclusion.

Infinite possibilities

After 2 weeks of exhibition at the IMA in Paris, more than 2,000 visitors experienced The Enemy, comforting the idea that such VR experiences are both technically and economically feasible.

This kind of installation, still a world first, can easily be adapted to all types of spaces. On top of that, the variety of contents that can be developed and experienced is limitless!

The Enemy is a co-production with Camera Lucida, France Télévisions, ONF, Emissive, Dpt.