Real-estate VR experience

The first showroom that allows you to visit real estate projects under construction in Virtual Reality.

Visit your future apartment

When equipped with a wireless Virtual Reality headset, users will be transported into their future appartment as if they were physically inside. They will be able to move freely, from one room to another as if they were physically inside. The idea is to allow future buyers to projet themselves in the space they want to acquire.

In order for this experience to be very impactful and realistic, the quality of graphic environments has been pushed to its maximum so it allows visitors to be involved in the project from its conception phase.


Future customers can visit 2, 3 or 4 rooms appartments and have the option to see them furnished or not. They also have the possibility to customize different elements of the apartment : parquet floors, taps, doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture…The experience makes it very engaging for the customer and he knows precisely what to expect when the building will be built.

VR as a sales tool

The Eiffage VR experience was showcased in the sales areas near the construction sites. In this case, VR is used to take customers to places they couldn’t otherwise go (building under construction), to visualize products that don’t exist yet (floors, furniture…). By engaging customers emotionally using VR real estate companies raise their desire to purchase and reduce the sales cycle.