An in-store experience that places the user in the heart of a decisive game between the Bayern of Munich and the Real Madrid.

The virtual reality application designed by adidas and Emissive gives you the chance to face the world’s best players like if you were there. We find ourselves in the shoes of a player from one of the world’s greatest team and we will live the Champion’s League finals from the locker room to the pitch.

The gameplay

Users are equipped with a virtual reality headset and foot-mounted sensors. Throughout the scenario, they will have to shoot some free kicks and one penalty kick. The trajectory of the ball is based on their dexterity thanks to a simulator that allows a complete freedom of action. A bending shot, an outside shot or even a Panenka, anything is possible to score! Moreover, in the virtual world, users may choose different types of boots prior shooting, having the possibility to try out which one suits them best.

The Set up

The installation is completed by a giant screen and a video capture system that allows the customers to receive a video souvenir of their accomplishment that they can easily share on social networks.

The set-up is agile and easily adaptable to all stores. Additionally, the application is easily updatable, so we can add new players, teams or even stadiums always staying faithful to the reality of the championships.

Unique Customer Experience

With this new in-store application, Emissive is using virtual reality as a communication driver to offer an unforgettable moment to customers. This achievement demonstrates the ability of Emissive and adidas to reinvent customer experience by offering the brand’s community a one of a kind journey, filled with emotions and sensations.This allows customers to discover adidas’ universe like they never have before.