Making Virtual Real

For the past 14 years, Emissive has been designing and producing outstanding virtual reality and augmented reality experiences tailored for communication, visualization and training.

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass

The first-ever VR experience at the Louvre, by Emissive

ScanPyramids VR

Explore the Great Pyramid as if you were there


How do we reinvent customer experience by adding emotions and sensations?

With this new installation dedicated to Adidas stores, Emissive uses Virtual Reality as a new way to communicate with the public by offering an unforgettable moment.


For Patek Philippe, we create spectacular experiences filled with emotion, that involve and captivate the audience.

As current marketing activities can no longer avoid innovation, we pool our resources to offer a tailored experience with contents highlighting your brand, your message or your product.


What’s the point of new technologies if they don’t simplify our lives and increase our efficiency?

We develop immersive tools for IKEA intended to simplify decision-making and experimentation of their products with future users.


Emissive realizes The Enemy, a multiuser virtual reality installation in which the audience meets fighters of intergenerational conflicts .

Our interactive museum installations offer a unique experience aimed at discovering and understanding topics revolving around history, culture or science.

Virtual Reality for Retail


Download our whitepaper « Virtual Reality for Retail » to learn everything about immersive technologies in shops, from drive-to-store to sales enablement.




The Agency

Our commercial and creative teams work alongside and advise our clients, offering them projects tailored to their issues and targets.

The Studio

Within the Studio, our specialist team uses their excellent command of virtual reality and augmented reality in designing and developing high added value innovative applications with the consistent intent of a strong UX.

The Lab

Technology is constantly evolving. Therefore our Lab is experimenting and developing tomorrow’s applications as they carefully keep a watchful eye on technology trends and advances.


Emissive was founded in 2005 by Fabien Barati and Emmanuel Guerriero. The team consists of some 20 experts, passionate about new technologies, who work together in our offices in Paris.

Fabien Barati, Emissive co-founder:
“Our clients particularly appreciate the multiple facets of our technological expertise and creativity. In turn, we aim to offer them applications and experiences that are unique, high-quality and immersive and meet their requirements.”

Emmanuel Guerriero, Emissive co-founder:
“Over the past 10 years, we have explored the interior of the pyramids in Egypt as well as the clockwork of high-end watches, taught a rhythmic choreography to tennis lovers at Roland Garros tournament, created artworks with renowned comic strip authors and moved an iceberg across oceans. What was the common thread linking all these missions? Involving audiences in the most innovative and immersive way possible.”


71 rue de Provence
75009 Paris – FRANCE
+33 1 49 53 09 26

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